Surrogacy, Fertility Law, ART

Surrogacy can be complicated enough before even thinking about the legal details. We help clients take the proper steps to protect their growing families. We can help make sure that the legal relationships are as strong as the family ties.

Our firm assists couples, married, single, gay and lesbian, to build families through assisted reproduction and adoption. We have represented both intended parents and gestational carriers during the entire process. Our firm has experience in interstate, intrastate and foreign surrogacy relationships. We offer comprehensive consultations to explore and discuss the legal issues involved with surrogacy including help connecting, and working with agencies and providers. We are able to guide clients through:

  • Gestational Carrier Agreements
  • Egg and Embryo Donor Agreements
  • Escrow Accounting
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Pre-Birth Orders
  • Post-Birth Orders
  • Adoption